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True Link Visa Card FAQ

Card Order

Order, ship, and replace True Link Visa Prepaid Cards.

10 articles


Activate your card, change a PIN, and learn about identity verification requirements.

6 articles


Connect or remove a bank account, transfer funds, and learn about funding timelines.

10 articles

Spending Monitor

Set Spending Monitor settings to easily manage the card.

8 articles


Learn about pending, blocked, and fraudulent transactions and what they mean for you.

6 articles

Account Management

Contact support, download reports, receive alerts, and other important actions.

9 articles


Learn how to avoid fees when withdrawing cash and checking the Card balance.

3 articles

Cardholder Capabilities

Guidance on actions the cardholders are able to complete directly.

4 articles

Contacting our Support Team

2 articles

True Link Financial Suite FAQ

Beneficiary Overview

A place to see all True Link accounts and services for a beneficiary

1 article